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LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT...Evening Sky Publishing is situated on the unceded traditional lands of the following Indigenous tribes: the Beothuk, the Mi'kmaq, the Innu, and the Labrador Inuit.


We are grateful to those who cared for the land before us, and are proud to be able to work here on the traditional lands of my people, alongside the settlers of other nations of the world that came to K'Taqmkuk and stayed! 

Long story short...On an island in the North Atlantic Ocean called Newfoundland and Labrador, which is a province of Canada, Kat McCarthy created this venture in 2013 with the main purpose to help authors sell books in the crazy booming publishing industry.


As an avid reader, Kat had written for several book review blogs over the years, "Smitten With Bad Boy Heroes," which reviewed contemporary, historical and paranormal romance mainly, as well as "The Crime Cove," which focused on true crime and crime fiction. Kat is an Indigenous author of the K'Taqmkuk Mi'kmaw tribe and has published a non-fiction book titled "Invisible Victims" about the national crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. Both of these experiences have given her a unique perspective when it comes to understanding and balancing an author's needs and desires when it comes to book marketing. 


Initially, the business was called Aeternum Designs and it focused solely on book cover design.  Over time and with growth, both professional and personal, Katherine has decided to offer more publishing services to self-published authors and small independent presses. As a result of these newly planned changes, we felt a new name was the right way forward...and Evening Sky Publishing Services was born.


A new name but still same experience. Over the years, we have custom-designed hundreds of book covers in several genres and I invite you to pop over to our Galleries to have a look.

We have started our expansion with the addition of proofreading services initially, with plans to add book formatting (ebook and print), and website design in the very near future. So stay tuned. It would be a good idea to subscribe to our blog so you'll be the first to hear about what's new and exciting. 

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