website design

Control your own narrative with your own website that connects you to your readers.


Every author who is serious about selling books must have a website. Period.

  • Book Discovery - when it comes to readers finding you and your books online, a website is the very best way to be discovered. With Amazon's ever-changing algorithm, they are becoming a less reliable way to market your work. 

  • Author Platform - your platform, or presence on the net, allows you to control your narrative. You get to introduce yourself in your own way to potential readers. Spending a few hours a week adding content to your site will draw in readers, and more importantly, loyal readers. Your Amazon Author Central Page cannot do that. 



  • With published authors on our team, we understand your needs. 

  • With book cover designers on our team, we understand the importance of book marketing.

  • With book bloggers on our team, we understand the importance of using the internet to engaging readers. 

  • After many years of experience on the ground floor of the book publishing industry, Commerce degrees, and a lifetime of avid reading, our team has gained some great insight and experience into what engages target audiences. 




Whether you are creating your author platform, interacting with readers or providing a behind-the-scenes look at your creative process, you need a 'home' on the net. 


Nothing turns a potential reader off faster than an unfriendly and clustered website. If they see your platform as clear, concise and well organized, they will take it for granted your writing style will be the same. 


A blog provides you with a place to develop and grow relationships with your readers. The relationships you will nurture here will mean everything to your book marketing down the road. 


What is it you want your readers to do? buy your book? sign up for updates? add their name to your mailing list?


We will ensure your social media accounts are clearly visible on your site. As well, we recognize that the functionality for fans to share your books and certain aspects of your site to various social media outlets is a powerful marketing tool. 


We believe your newest content should be front and center on your home page. whether that's your latest book, an upcoming signing, or special promotion. 




Home Page

Bio Page

Contact Page


Books Page 

(All books on one page - up to 10 books; Individual Book Pages include cover, description & buy links;  Additional books over the first 10 are $10 each)

Autographed Book Order Form (optional)

Mailing List Opt-in (embedded on Page or popup)

Stock images and Custom-made Author Banner 

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Integration

Optimized for mobile

Wix installation & design 

Payment Structure: 50% Upfront & remaining on completion



Landing Page $50

(a single page for a new release or a sales promotion)

3D Rendering of Book Cover $25 each

Facebook Page Cover


Twitter Header


Additional Pages $50 each

(e.g. Press/Media Page, Events Calendar, Countdown Timer to a new release, etc.)

Setting up a Bookstore is an option with a Wix eCommerce Plan. If you had this in mind, let's talk.  

Add a New Book $25 each

(Add a new Book Page  

including cover, description & buy links; add it to other relevant pages including on home page "Latest News" 



Home Page

About Page

Contact Page


Books Page 

(Books can all be on one page, or separate pages by genre (up to 100 books); Individual Book Pages include cover, description & buy links for each book; Additional books over the first 100 are $10 each)

Authors Page 

(All authors on one page - up to 25 authors; Individual Author Pages include author pic, bio, books published with you & author platform links; Additional authors over the first 25 are $10 each)

Submissions Guidelines Page

Privacy Policy

Autographed Book Order Form (optional)

Mailing List Opt-in (embedded on Page or popup)

Stock images and Custom-made Author Banner 

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Integration

Optimized for mobile

Wix installation & design 

Payment Structure: 50% Upfront & remaining on completion





What platform are these sites built on?

We use Wix to design all of our websites. Wix is a trusted leader in website development with users in 190 countries. They have 110 million websites worldwide. They were just voted the "BEST OVERALL WEBSITE BUILDER FOR 2019" by CNET.COM. Since they excel at handling the web development end, that allows me the creative freedom to design clean, easily-navigated websties that motivate authors and engage their readers. You will need to purchase a premium package with Wix in order for you site to be free of ads and to be able to use your own ".com" domain name. Here is a link to view and purchase one of their packages. Wix does have a free package, however, it does not allow you to use your own personal domain. This and the ads that will pop up make your site look unprofessional. Not a good public image to have. So please chose one of the premium packages starting at $10/month. We recommend the $10/month under the Website Tab, or the $14/month option if you don't already have your own domain name. Wix offers a free one for a year with the purchase of a Premium package. A good deal to take advantage of. Full Disclosure: I am a Wix affiliate so that means I will earn a % on your chosing a Wix Premium plan. This helps me keep my overhead lower and allows me to offer you design services at lower-than-industry average. I understand that all the different aspects of having a website might be a bit confusing. Think of your domain as a piece of land. Then on top of your land, you need a house - or a website host that will be your house. Then you need to decorate your house - a website designer. With hope, that will be Evening Sky Publishing Services. Hope that helps clear it up!

Do I need to set up an account for email marketing?

If you already have an email account with say Mail Chimp or Mad Mimi, we can integrate that into your new site. However, if you don't have one, Wix has a great email marketing tool with that functionality already build in.

What other publishing services do you provide to authors?

We provide book cover design (eBook and Paperback), Proofreading your manuscript before you publish, various Graphic Design Services such as Facebook and Twitter Banners, and formatting for ebook and print will be added as a service offering soon. You're welcome to drop over to our service offering page to browse what else we can offer, or to view galleries of our work.

How long will it take to finish?

The average turnaround time is around 3 weeks from start to finish. This might differ depending on the complexity of your site, how many revisions we will need to make it just how you want it and the readiness of your content you want to include.

Can you create a store for my books?

Absolutely, this is possible. You will have to purchase an eCommerce Plan from Wix in order to build this functionality into your site. Adding a Store has additional costs associated iwth it. Also, please keep in mind that you will have to check with your current retailers to ensure you will not be in conflict with your arrangement with them in selling your books before proceeding.

What happens when I write new books in the future?

When you write new books that need to be added, we can add them to your site for a small fee of $25 per book. We'll ensure they are linked everywhere they need to be. Alternatively, we can show you how to do it yourself if you are interested in going that route.

What is the payment structure?

Your author website design is paid in two 50% installments: one at the beginning, and the remaining once the job is complete and you are completely happy.

Can you upgrade my current website instead?

Yes we can. You will need to purchase a Wix Premium package though because that is what we use to design your site. You will not need a new domain. We can reuse and redirect your current domain name.

What is the process?

The first stage is the information gathering stage. We'll start with you filling out a questionnaire that will give us an idea of your goals, color preferences, what your main purpose or Call To Action is, what you are looking for and what you are not, etc. Once we've talked a bit and are both comfortable with proceeding, we'll send you an invoice via PayPal for half the fee. Next stage is where the real magic happens. We'll be in contact throughout the design process to ensure you are up to date on your project and are happy with the progress. This can be as frequent or as infrequent as you're comfortable with. Once the Home Page is in place, we can give you login details so you can have a look. If all is well with the mockup, then the desginer will proceed filling out the rest of the content. After you've approved the final site, Google Analytics will be installed, SEO will be set up on all pages and any redirects needed will be set up. The site goes live whenever you are ready!

Do you design websites other than Author Websites?

Yes we can. We specialize on working authors, however we are more than willing to talk with other industries. Just drop us a line on the Contact Form and we'll chat!

Do I need to set up a blog too?

If you already have a blog, we can integrate that into your new Wix site. However, if you don't have one, Wix has a great blog already ready for you to start talking directly to your readers. The Wix app for mobile lets you easily make blog posts and respond to comments from readers on the fly. So no need to be tied to your computer to manage your blog.