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print & ebook formatting

It's what is on the inside that counts


Next, you want to design a genre-appropriate interior layout that gives your readers an amazing reading experience and allows them to get lost in your story! 

eBook Formatting

In order to sell your eBook, you need to convert your Word document into a format that can be read on all types of eReaders. And it needs to be in a format that will be accepted by all eBook distributors, aggregators, and retailers.


Unfortunately, when it comes to eBook formatting, one format does not work for all. Amazon, for example, has its own proprietary format called mobi, while the others (Apple, B&NNook, GooglePlay, Kobo, Smashwords, D2D, etc.) use an epub format, with a few adjustments between each one.


Fortunately, we can help. Our formatting service will provide you with the ready-to-publish files you will need for each one. You simply have to upload them to the retailers, distributors, or aggregators you are planning to use. 

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Print Book Formatting

Our formatting services can be applied to Print Books as well.


We will design the genre-appropriate layout from your manuscript, include all the elements a print book requires, and create a print-ready file. The file will be delivered as a professional quality pdf that will be accepted by all major book printers, such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Ingram-Spark, Lulu, etc.  


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About Formatting


  • Professionally formatted epub, mobi, and print-ready pdf copies of your book (depending on which package you choose).

  • A Table of Contents (eBook will include hyperlinks)

  • Your book cover in eBook (check out our book cover design services if you need a cover to be designed)

  • Front Matter Pages:

    • Title page 

    • Copyright page 

    • Dedication 

  • Back Matter Pages:

    • Acknowledgments

    • About the Author page (includes hyperlinks to social media accounts and website)

    • Also By page (optional) to showcase other works (includes hyperlinks of your choice)

  • Decorative Elements (optional):

    • Dropcaps (Larger capital letter at the beginning of each chapter) 

    • Chapter glyphs of your choice

    • Ornamental Break glyph of your choice

  • Images with captions (includes 25 images, and $1 per image over 25)

  • Unlimited formatting changes until your 100% happy with your book. 

For non-fiction authors, Endnotes with hyperlinks and an Endnotes Page in the Back Matter can be included for an additional $50. 

Additional pages can be added, such as a Call-to-Action Page asking the reader to leave a review, for $10 each

Included In Packages


Besides the usual formatting standards, (e.g. starting chapters on a right-hand page, ensuring Front Matter pages are present and contain the right information, and a working Table of Contents,) here's more that we focus on so that your reader has the most enjoyable reading experience.


The following will require consideration to strike a balance between an easier reading experience and the number of pages in the book. For instance, if the body of your text is double spaced, then the number of pages will be significantly higher and more expensive to produce. 


  • Line Spacing

  • Page Size & Margins

  • Indents

  • Headers & Footers

  • Fonts

  • Chapter Headings

  • Subheadings

  • Blockquotes

  • Decorative Elements (Glyphs & Ornamental Break images)

  • Hyperlinks

Our Focus


In order to accommodate smaller works, pricing is based on the number of words. Also, when several formats are required, there is a significant savings by ordering the format bundle. 



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