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At Evening Sky, we don't stop at making the outside of your book shine. We also want your readers to have a great reading experience that will hopefully translate into a great online review.


Even if all the stages of editing are complete, it's always a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes have one last read-through before hitting that publish button. This is why we offer proofreading services to our clients. 

What does our Proofreading services include?

Evening Sky will check each of your sentences for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If a sentence is hard to read, we'll suggest alternatives. ​We will also point out any changes in voice or style that might be confusing to a reader. ​

What file types do we accept?

If you send us an MS Word doc or docx, we will be able to apply track changes directly to the file we send back to you. However, if you send us a pdf, we won't be able to apply track changes directly to the file. We will send you a list of what we find. That said, we will work with whatever feels right for you to send us.  

Is your manuscript safe?

Absolutely! Our proofreaders have signed non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from sharing any information about our projects. Our website systems have all the necessary security in place. 


What is the cost of our proofreading services?

Proofreading Rate for Books/Novels: $2 - $4 per page (or $.008 - $0.016 per word) depending on turnaround time. 

If you're interested in our proofreading services, then kindly submit the Proofreading Order Form and we will be in touch very soon. 

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